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Adopted Cats Endorse Adopting Kids

Redford And Dillon Celebrate Their New Family

Redford and Dillon celebrate their new family

(Dictated by the cats Dillon and Redford)

We were just adopted by Bonnie and Bob, and it's awfully nice to have a loving family, a house to run around, toys to play with, plenty of food and lots of attention!

We think orphaned kids should have these things, too, and Kidsave is doing the challenging work of finding great families for kids growing up without parents.

Kidsave makes it possible for older, often-forgotten orphans and foster kids (11-17 yrs. old) to find permanent, loving families. Since 1999, Kidsave has directly served nearly 12,000 kids in one of its various programs. Through teaching others the Family Visit Model in the US and all around the world, Kidsave has helped get countless more kids out of institutional care and into loving families.

We're trying to raise a little money for Kidsave this Christmas. Would you be willing to help? Every bit helps and is very appreciated! Thank you!

With love and gratitude,
Redford and Dillon

Because Every Child Needs a Family.


raised of $8,000 goal

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1. Jennifer Morales
2. Suellen Savukas
3. Louise Fenner
Congratulations Redford and Dillon on your new home! And supporting Kidsave!
4. The Skellys
5. Diane Skvarla
6. Elizabeth C. Shaffer
Congratulations to two smart kittens on an excellent choice of family. And Merry Christmas to all!