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Buy Me Nothing
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Welcome to Cyndy's Fundraising Page!

Cyndy's Buy Me Nothing For 50

For my 50th birthday this August please ... BUY ME NOTHING! Instead, I ask that you donate to this campaign that will help save older orphans and foster kids by finding them loving and supportive families.

Together, we can give up a few things we don't really need to give these wonderful orphans something they desperately need - FAMILIES and HOPE for a future.

Thank you!


Because every child needs a family.


raised of $2,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Ethan Cohen
Happy Birthday, Cyndy!
2. Wendy Lipp
3. David Menard
4. Wendy Menard
I love you, Cyndy!! So thrilled!
5. Kim Smith-Fausset
6. Anonymous