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Becoming a part of the Buy Me Nothing campaign is simple. Give independently, give to a specific person or team, or register to give up your gifts this holiday season.

Your efforts and/or contributions will help give older children stuck in orphanages and foster care weekend visits and summer vacations that change the course of their lives forever.  We shine a light on these children get them together with families and watch the magic happen.  When people meet these amazing kids, the kids end up being adopted, finding guardians and adults committed to them. 

They go from having nothing – to having people in their lives who care – it's everything!

After you register it's easy to set up your personal Buy Me Nothing web page. You have all the tools you need to email family and friends and post to your social pages letting everyone know what you are doing and why.

Everything is automated and our support system and people are there to help every step of the way.

Thank you… for considering asking that people buy you nothing to give kids the ultimate something – a family.