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Welcome to Mark and Alessandra Green's Page

Mark And Alessandra Marriage

Mark and Alessandra Marriage

We really appreciate your coming to our Kidsave page. Ale and I have become quite attached to Kidsave. These kids are very special and each and every one of them deserves love.

If we really sit down and think about their stories, it is quite difficult not to feel the tears well up on our eyes.

Please share your love with them by volunteering for Kidsave events.

Please also share from your pocket book....the funds help Kidsave help more kids and put on programs. Kidsave makes it possible for older, forgotten orphans and foster kids to find a family. They use a unique method of hosting and mentoring that gets these overlooked kids out in the public meeting people and experiencing a family.

With all our love - Mark and Alessandra

Because Every Child Needs a Family.



Recent Donations

1. Carine Glenn
Ale and Mark! I wish you both all happiness and love together! And I am really happy to help this charity! Beijos!!!
2. Miriam Pellegrino
We wish all the best for you two! You deserve the most beautiful life together. Miriam & Medina
3. Mariana Teles
You both are the best!!! ??
4. Juliana Patella
5. Dione Guimaraes
It is coming from our ??!