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Summer Miracles LA Hike
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Welcome to Luis, Juliana and Girls Buitrago Yepes's Page

Luis, Juliana And Girls Buitrago Yepes

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to us, and I appreciate all the support we can get! I mean any even $5.00 to $5000. helps!! (if you don't wish to pay the fee just give it to us and I will make sure it gets to the right funding).

Gracias por visitar. Esta es una causa muy especial para nosotros y apreciamos cualquier contribucion.

This spring a group of people from KidSave’s Southern California Summer Miracles are gathering to raise money to help bring orphaned children to the USA for a special summer experience. This experience will bring the possibility for the child to have a positive 5-week vacation in his life and the opportunity for a family’s interested in adopting to meet him/her/them and consider the possibility incorporating him/her/them to a loving family. Because these children are older (age 10 and up), they have very little chance of ever finding a family in their own country.

This cause is near and dear to my family Luis, Sofia, Karla and I. As you may remember I hosted a little boy this summer (Yhoser) and have now seen firsthand the miracle of a family connection where once there was none.

This program has an amazing 83% success rate in finding families for children and children for families. I invite you to visit the general web site read more about Kidsave

Learn more on their website (links below).

Use the links and tools here to donate, join my team and let all your friends and family know how they too can help some wonderful kids find loving permanent families.

Together we can make a difference!

Best - Luis, Juliana and Girls

Because Every Child Needs a Family.



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How wonderful! May God bless your service!

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