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Welcome to Gerard and Laura Durback's Page

Team Durback's Fairfax Miracle

It's a Summer Miracle!

Our family was introduced to the Kidsave program by a mutual friend who hosted an orphan over the summer via a similar hosting arrangement. She had a uniquely rewarding experience, so we decided to open our hearts and try this as well. This summer, during the month of July, we are opening up our home to sponsor a child from Columbia as a part of Kidsave's "Summer Miracles" program. We have attached a picture of her - meet Melisa, a lovely young lady! We hope you and the Holy Spirit School community gets a chance to get to know her over the summer.

While we have covered our own hosting expenses, we are advocating on behalf of Kidsave as well. Kidsave performs ongoing programs to help other orphans in Columbia, orphans from other international countries, and U.S. children living in foster care in select cities (such as Los Angeles, where children are matched locally). In addition to hosting, the organization sponsors events to advocate for children to prospective adoptive families, provide medical care, and cover transportation costs.

We kindly ask that you consider a donation to the Kidsave program. Kidsave makes it possible for older, forgotten orphans and foster kids to find a family. They use a unique method of hosting and mentoring that gets children that would otherwise be overlooked out in the public, meeting people, and experience a family. Your donation will assist with the expenses of running this worthwhile program - any amount is appreciated!!!

Please contact Laura or Gerard Durback at if you have any further questions.

Because Every Child Needs a Family.


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