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Welcome to Neil and Elizabeth Cameron's Page

Fundraiser For Kidsave By Neil And Elizabeth Cameron

Fundraiser for Kidsave by Neil and Elizabeth Cameron

Thank you so much for visiting! This cause is very important to us, and we sincerely appreciate all the support we can get. We will be hosting two children from Colombia through Kidsave this summer. Kidsave works with governments and communities worldwide to see that no orphan or foster child is forgotten, and they advocate for these children who desperately want a family of their own.

We will also be helping to advocate for all 50 children coming to the U.S. through the program. All the money raised here goes directly to Since the founding of Kidsave in 1999, more than 1,750 children have traveled to the U.S. as part of the program and 80% have found adoptive parents.

Kidsave uses a unique method of hosting and mentoring that gets these overlooked children the opportunity to meet potential adoptive families and have a wonderful and fun summer in the U.S. Most of these children have little hope for adoption because they are “older” (more than 6 years old). Colombia orphans are emancipated from the child welfare system at age 18. Most leave the orphanages in Colombia without a high school education, unable to support themselves and with no caring adult to guide them.

Please find the links and tools here to donate and it would be wonderful if you could share amongst your friends, family and social networks. This will only increase Kidsave's visibility here in the U.S. and globally. And, most of all, it can help some wonderful kids find loving permanent families.

Together we can make a difference! See the short video clip of Jennifer sharing her Kidsave story below to see the impact Kidsave can have.

Best - Neil and Elizabeth

Because Every Child Needs a Family.


raised of $3,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Michael F. Curtin
Thank you for doing this, Have lived in Colombia and know 1st hand the need
2. MaryEllen Gallagher
3. Dan & Jill Garrison
Sorry to miss the event, but very happy to support the cause. Kudos to you both!
4. Nancy Joyce & Jack Joyce
Dear Elizabeth and Neil, This is a great work you are doing.We are very proud of you. Sorry we can not be with you today. Love and God bless, Nancy & Jack
5. Abby Bryan
6. James Hughes
What an exciting adventure! The Hughes Family