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Creating Hope With A Home

Creating Hope With A Home

Lampadas is excited to announce that we're teaming up with Kidsave International and have been granted with the opportunity to host an 11-year-old girl [Sandra] from an orphanage in Colombia. In case you haven’t heard of Kidsave yet, it is a non-profit organization whose core mission is to create change so forgotten orphanage and foster kids have the chance to grow up in families and connect to caring adults.

There are countless children in Colombia who have lost parents due to civil conflict and HIV/AIDS, while others are abandoned due to extreme poverty, parental drug abuse or arrest. These children are ultimately left without homes and parental care after serving time as child combatants. Colombia orphans are emancipated from the child welfare system at age 18. Most leave the orphanages without a high school education, unable to support themselves and with no caring adult to guide them. We want to help give these children a chance, starting with our first summer miracle, Sandra.

As the official advocator team for Sandra, it is our job to share a little about her (although we recommend you meet her in person to fully grasp her awesome-ness). Go ahead and prepare yourself, because this 11-year-old girl’s spirit might be hard to keep up with…

When she was younger, Sandra lost a portion of her left leg (from the knee down) due to an infection that was left untreated. Some may see her loss as a medial “inconvenience” or “stain,” but she continues to live her life with unmeasurable passion and determination. Some of her favorite pastimes include physical activities such as soccer and dancing, which just go to show she’s not letting this loss hold her down. She is also very interested in painting and dreams of one day becoming an artist. While this second-grader’s strength and creativity shine brightly, she takes the cake in with her compassionate heart. From playing with other kids (even babies!), to telling jokes and volunteering in her community at any chance she gets, Sandra’s spirit is a tough one to beat (we warned you!).

The Lampadas Team would like to welcome you to our mission in advocating Sandra’s needs and to help her find a family that has the disposition and ability to provide her with constant support and love. Sandra has a host family in Alabama this July during the Summer Miracles program, so our Team has put together a few ways you can help Sandra:

1. SHOP OUR SALE: “Lampadas and Lee Industries Gives Back to Kidsave” - During the entire month of July we will be promoting our Lee Industries Upholstery Sale, where all orders will be 20% off and 5% will be directly donated to Sandra’s Kidsave Fund. This fund includes transportation, school supplies, clothing, food and medical expenses.

2. DONATE DIRECTY: We have partnered with a local doctor to create a fundraiser where donations can go directly towards Sandra’s need for a prosthetic leg. Our goal is to raise $5,000, which will allow Sandra two prosthetic legs, one that can fit her now and one for when she grows into the next size up. Feel free to stop by our showroom to donate or have at it right now on this page!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Sandra and our campaign. We hope you’re as excited as we are during this summer journey with Sandra, and we truly appreciate all your continued support! If you’re unable to donate, you can still be a part of our team by sharing Sandra’s story with your friends and family. Together, we can give hope to those in need of a place to call home.

- The Lampadas Team

Because Every Child Needs a Family.


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