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Welcome to Gloria Basem & Eric Chamama's Page

Kids: A Unique Experience; A Different Future

Kids: A unique experience; a different future

We are participating in this program and appreciate your support!

Kidsave is a phenomenal organization that has changed the lives of over 1500 kids. Through their Summer Miracles program, they have brought 60 kids aged 10-14 to the US from Colombia this summer in search of forever homes,. Typically teens have less than a 10% chance
of getting adopted, but through this program, over 80% of those who come for the summer find homes.

We are fostering/hosting Juan Daniel this summer! He is among 12 kids who have come to the NY area through Aug 3. Juan Daniel is incredibly athletic, sometimes shy, very social with other boys and a video game champ. Our goal is to help them all find homes and we appreciate your support sharing the program with people in your network.

Each week there is a kidsave event for people to come meet these awesome kids. Learn more on their website (links below).

Use the links and tools here to donate and let all your friends and family know how they too can join the movement to help some wonderful kids find loving permanent families.

Together we can make a positive difference in these teens' lives!

Best - Gloria & Eric

Because Every Child Needs a Family.


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1. Alice Herscovitch
Wonderful that you are doing this! Hope that you have a great summer.
2. Michaela Pittman
3. Amy Hamler
May all children find their forever families...
4. Jeremy Brongiel
5. Aaron Silbert
6. Nadine Lusch