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Kidsave Hike for Foster Youth 2017
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Welcome to Jenna Nusholtz's Page

Jenna Nusholtz

Thank you for visiting. As an adoptee myself, this cause is very dear to me. I cannot imagine growing up without the love and support of my amazing parents.

Can you imagine growing up without the love and support of a permanent family? Imagine having to live completely on your own at age 18 or 21 because you have grown too old to remain in an orphanage, or because that is when foster care ends. Without the helping hand of a caring adult, the outcomes are not good.

Kidsave, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity, believes that every child needs family. Kidsave’s Los Angeles Weekend Miracles program finds permanent families and long lasting connections to stable, caring
adults for older foster youth (ages 9-17) in Los Angeles County. Weekend Miracles gives older foster youth who cannot be reunited with their biological families, the chance to connect with caring adults,
many of whom become their weekend hosts. Through weekend visits, hosts get to know the youth, support them and introduce them to others in the community. The goal for every child in the program
is adoption, guardianship, or a life-long mentoring relationship, and lots of love!

Since 2006, more than 290 older L.A. County foster youth have been referred to the Los Angeles Weekend Miracles program. 77% of these youth became actively involved in the program and have achieved the following successes: 52% were matched for legal permanency (adoption or legal guardianship), and 32% entered into long-term parent-mentor relationships.

Any gift small or large will help! Together we can make a difference!

Many thanks!

Because Every Child Needs a Family.


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