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Kidsave Hike for Foster Youth 2017
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Welcome to Carol and Bill Allen's Page

Carol Allen

Thank you for visiting! This cause is very dear to us, and we appreciate all the support we can get!

For almost three years now we've been volunteering with an amazing organization called Kidsave.

Kidsave makes it possible for older, forgotten orphans and foster kids with no chance of reuniting with their birth parents to find a family. They use a unique method of hosting and mentoring (which we have been doing with a fifteen-year-old boy we adore all year who spends weekends and special occasions with us) that gets these overlooked kids out in the public meeting people and experiencing being a part of a family.

Many of them become adopted or create lasting relationships with caring adults that dramatically improve their lives.

(The boy we are matched with tells us daily how much he loves us and how grateful he is to have us in his life - he's moved 14 times in 12 years since he was three, and has no contact at all with anyone in his family, and doesn't know why... there are thousands and thousands of great kids like this who feel so incredibly alone, with no lasting adult relationships.)

Learn more on their website (links below).

Use the links and tools here to donate, join our team and let all your friends and family know how they too can help some wonderful kids find loving permanent families.

Together we can make a difference!

Thank you!!!

Carol and Bill

Because Every Child Needs a Family.



Recent Donations

1. Sheri Meyers
Sending love and hugs to you, Bill and Michael.
2. Dianne Waldman
In support of Carol, Bill and Michael <3
3. Kamelia Staykova
4. Jamie Ptak
Thank you Carol for helping him!! I wish there would have been more things like this when I was a kid. You guys are rockstars. Much love and blessings to the three of you! :o)
5. Cathy Warlich
Sending love from the East Coast
6. Mary Sadeghy
Bill & Carol - thanks for all you do to help those in need and to make the world a little nicer. xo