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Kidsave Hike for Foster Youth 2017
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Welcome to my Karalee's Kidsave Page!

Karalee Ensign

Thanks for visiting my Team Kidsave page :).

We are a non-profit that works to find permanent families & mentorships for older foster kids & orphans (ages 9-17) around the world. We want to make sure no one ages out of care without a loving adult to help guide them along the way.

We plan events that help to build connections between our kids & families who are interested in hosting, mentoring, or adopting one of our kids.

In my short time working here at Kidsave, I’ve seen through the events and work my coworkers and I have done the most invaluable moment - a kid who's grown up with much instability and adversity forge a strong connection with an adult who sees past all that child’s past. That connection leads to what many of us have been blessed with our entire life - a family and sense of belonging.

My most personal moments were spent when I planned a Summer Camp for our LA foster kids & our volunteer host families . While it was only a weekend, I saw as a teen opened up to one of these adults about their love of drawing and another on their desire to be a pro basketball player. I saw these kids give those adults a hard time when they wanted to sit out on a climbing wall. I saw some of our kids who’ve been in our program for a while find someone they’ve grown to trust and admire. Those moments are what defines family - not blood line or age or looks.

I would love and greatly appreciate any support you can give towards Kidsave. We are a small team with a huge mission - to make sure no child is left without a loving, stable family in their life. Our programs and operations rely heavily on the kind generosity of our friends who share our passion for advocating for kids who are often left behind in government care, and most importantly who value family - in whatever form that may be.

You can learn more here:

Please feel free to pass this along & share with your friends & family :).

Cheers to you for reading,

Because Every Child Needs a Family.


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