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Welcome to Carlos and Angie's Page

A Miracle For Jeisson

A Miracle for Jeisson

We ask that you consider joining our effort to help our brother, Jeisson, move beyond the finish line in his airline flight attendant program. He needs to greatly improve his English-speaking skills to qualify for employment with a U.S.-based airline that flies to Spanish-speaking countries. To that end, we are hoping that an extended stay in the United States will give Jeisson additional work experience and help him build on the English skills he has already learned during his time at school.

Jeisson will live in Washington D.C., work in a full-time volunteer position at the YMCA, and take rigorous, fast-paced English classes. These funds will cover his expenses, including housing, food and transportation to the YMCA and to the English classes he will take during the five months he will be living in Washington. A Kidsave benefactor is providing his round-trip flights.

“This opportunity will help me achieve my goal to become a flight attendant and work for a major airline,” says Jeisson. “I will need to train very well and improve my English-speaking ability.”

We believe this experience in the U.S. will greatly advance Jeisson’s progress in building his skills, learning English and achieving his dream to work for an American airline. Any contributions from our family and friends will help Jeisson move closer to his goal and achieve long-term success. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for considering the possibility of joining us in this effort!

Because Every Child Needs a Family.


raised of $5,000 goal

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1. Laura H Allen
2. M.P. Tricomi
Thanks for blessing me with the opportunity to help.
3. Jess & Chris Jones
Great job Angie and Carlos! Welcome to Jeisson!
4. Betsy Pollard
Love what you are doing to help support Jeisson in his efforts - thanks for inviting me to be a part of it!
5. Newnie Rogers
Best wishes to Jeisson and thank you to Carlos and Angie!
6. Anonymous