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Hike With Your Heart - Summer Miracles 2018
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Welcome to Maru's Page

Maru Braemer

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to us, we became a family through adoption and we met our kids through Kidsave!

Kidsave makes it possible for older youth living in foster care and orphanages in Colombia to find a permanent family in the US. They use a unique method of hosting to meet people and experience life in a family setting. We hosted in the Summer of 2013!

We hosted two siblings (11 y/o girl and 13 y/o boy) and after a wonderful summer spending time with them, we decided to move forward with adoption. Our teen kids joined our family 12 months after we hosted them and our lives changed forever!

We continue to support Kidsave, because it gives older children the unique opportunity to find a family that will meet their needs and love them unconditionally for who they are.

Please hike with us or donate to my team and share with all your friends and family!

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Learn more by visiting http//

Thank you for your support!

Maru Braemer

Because Every Child Needs a Family.


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